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Carpet Cleaning

We perform carpet cleaning using top equipment. We are fully insured and trained to the highest standards. We provide drying equipment, which is used throughout the process to ensure that your carpets are nearly dry by the time we leave. 

Customer service is at the heart of what we do, and we guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with our services. We can get you booked in straight away and we also offer early appointments, evenings and weekends. Last minute appointments available upon request. 

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Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

Drying time

Carpets are 90% dry by the time we are finished, Lots of people think that the carpet will be soaking wet but this isn't the case! We do recommend that you be careful for the first few hours after cleaning to ensure that the carpet is fully dried. 

Drying times for car seats and sofas are similar.

What can I get cleaned?

We clean carpets, rugs, sofas and more! Did you know you can even get your car interior seats cleaned?! We can get rid of spills, smells and general dirt.

Prepapring for cleaning

To prepare for cleaning you should move any furniture if you'd like the carpet underneath cleaned. We are not insured to move heavy objects, so unless this is pre-agreed, we will clean around furniture. Please move any fragile items and other easily movable items, so that we are easily able to manoeuvre the machinery.

What do you need to know?

If  you live in a apartment building, we need to know what floor and if there is access via a lift. We work with heavy equipment, so we need to know if it's accessible. 

We also need to know if there is parking near by or a car park and details of how to access. If we cannot park or access the building to carry out the required service, a charge will be made.

Can you get rid of stains?

We have products to remove all sorts of stains. Ahead of your carpet cleaning, we will need to know as much information as you can give us, such as, what the stain is from, if you've tried to remove the stain before and if you've previously used a carpet cleaning service. 

We can not provide a 100% guarantee that we can remove all stains, but we can certainly reduce the appearance of stains and discolouration in most circumstances. 

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